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Search engine optimization and internet marketing have become essential for a successful website. I hear so many stories from clients who have been contacted by someone trying to sell them high rankings in the search engines. Whether you use my services or not, here’s some free advice… don’t waste your money! Unless you’re dealing with someone you trust you’re probably going to get taken for a ride.

Don’t make the mistake of letting someone, or some company, “buzzword” their way into your pockets.

What exactly do I mean by “buzzword their way into your pockets”? Well, the thinking behind it goes something like this. As long as I know more acronyms and catch phrases than you do, I can make you believe that I know what I’m talking about. That may sound like a funny thing to say, but it happens more than you might think. By the time you realize this on your own, you’ve spent (insert $$ here) and have seen no results.

I’ve seen web design/development companies claim to offer SEO services and their own site isn’t properly optimized. If you look at the code behind the websites they produce for clients, they do not even follow basic SEO techniques. If you really want to know how good someone is at SEO there’s a very simple test that anyone can perform. Ask for examples of proven results! No matter how many acronyms someone may throw around, or how intelligent they may sound, if they can’t show you results, then you need to move on.

Another word of advice on picking a qualified SEO person/company. Don’t let someone give you a persons name to search for as an example of their skills. My ten year old can rank high for a search phrase that specific. This is especially true with real estate agents, because many agents use their name as a domain name. Ask for general search phrases that real people would use to find a product or service. Also, don’t be fooled by listings in the side bar of search engines and the tinted bar at the top. Those are paid links that anyone with enough money can aquire. That IS NOT search engine optimization. That is part of search engine marketing and there is a huge difference.

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