There are many factors to consider when designing a logo. Everything from color and shape, to where and how it will be used. Here’s a few good questions to ask yourself when designing a logo.

Is it yours? A companies logo should stand out from the competition. One thing to keep in mind is that a logo is just a symbol and doesn’t have to actually convey what the company does in a single image. A good example is the Nike logo. It’s one of the most recognizable logos in the world, yet it doesn’t look anything like a shoe. A couple other good examples would be Apple and Starbucks. The icon itself has nothing to do with the product, but when people see them they instantly know what it is.

Will it work in all forms of media? Great logos always translate well across different types of media. A logo should look as good on a business card as it does on a billboard or website. Another thing that is often over looked is that it needs to reproduce well in black and white. I know everyone loves their tablets and phones, but local newspapers and fax machines are going to be around for awhile.

Does it fit your look? A logo should fit the look and feel of the company. If the logo is for a funeral home you wouldn’t use bright colors and fun fonts. Color is another aspect that shouldn’t be ignored. Different colors convey different meaning and you really need to be aware of that when designing a logo.

Will it last? The very best logos looked great when they were first created and still look great today. One of the key factors in creating a logo that will stand the test of time is to keep it simple. Fads such as soft drop shadows and the raised 3D look get old, but clean lines with a neutral feel never go out of style.