Designs are all around us. We see them every day. From basic road signs to fanciful apps on our phones. All designs are the same, right? What difference does a computer, tablet or phone screen make? In reality, the difference is more noticeable than you might think. Sure, some designs (such as logos) are made to look good in every format, from your computer screen to a billboard on the road. However, it’s important to note three major differences between print and web design.

What you see on your screen is not what you will see when it’s printed. Colors could be altered ever so slightly, or appear as a totally different. It is vital to know what a color will look like on your website and after it’s printed.

The layout is how you manage your information and utilize space. You can have multiple pages on your website, but when designing a business card you only have two small sides.

Imagine driving by a billboard that was designed like a web page. The fonts are too small. The picture or logo might as well be invisible as you speed down the highway wondering what that terrible looking billboard was about. Adversely, imagine a website modeled after a billboard. Giant text that screams "I don’t know what I’m doing!" and pictures that take over the whole screen with very little info.

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