A note about perspective, by S.W.

A few weeks ago, as I was browsing Pinterest, I saw what I would describe as a dark chocolate layer cake. The cake had thick chocolate frosting, topped with a stack of chocolate donut holes. I thought to myself, This is a beautiful gourmet cake and would be perfect for my son’s birthday! I couldn't wait to make this delectable cake. I would be the best mom ever. Earning points with all three of my kids.

The day before my son's birthday party, I began baking this elegant cake. I worked for two hours on this gourmet, chocolaty creation. I put the finishing touches on the cake by stacking the chocolate donut holes on top of the homemade frosting. Beautiful! I couldn't wait for my kids to see it. All the best restaurants would have nothing on me. My cake was perfect, and looked exactly like the picture I had seen on Pintrest.

Suddenly, my daughter walks in and sees the cake sitting on the table. “That’s great!” she told me, laughing hysterically. I stood there befuddled. What does that mean? What was funny about my chocolate cake? It was picture perfect!

“It’s a horse poop cake!” she laughed. My jaw dropped. She thought my beautiful gourmet cake was a joke. A big, chocolate, edible joke. I thought for a moment and just laughed. On that day I learned a good lesson about perspective. Everyone sees things differently, and we should apply this lesson to design!

Which Do You See?