Secure Passwords

Creating a secure password is vital to protecting private and important information online. As cyber security continues to become more of a pressing issue every day, it is crucial to keep your passwords as secure as possible to avoid having your accounts broken into and private information stolen. There are several ways to make sure your password is secure.

Unique. Not only should you use a password that is unique and not easily guessed, but you should also use a unique password for all accounts. Mix up your passwords by considering the usage of made-up words, personal codes, or using phrases or sentences.

Random. Have unexpected letters, characters, and numbers included in your password. Avoid the obvious, such as your own name, or date of birth. Utilize capital and lower-case letters and avoid the usage of words found in the dictionary. Many hackers use dictionary based scripts to crack your password.

Written Down. It can be easy to forget a password, so make sure to always have a list of your passwords stored in a safe place.

If you're curious about how secure your password really is there's a great website for checking passwords. Go to and see just how secure you made your password.