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Cut the Clickbait

Everyone has seen them. They lurk on every website, on every browser, and have the most ridiculous titles. What am I talking about? Clickbait, of course. --READ MORE

Perspective - Which Do You See?

A few weeks ago, as I was browsing Pinterest, I saw what I would describe as a dark chocolate layer cake. The cake had thick chocolate frosting, topped with a stack of chocolate donut holes. I thought to myself --READ MORE

The Importance of Spacing in Print and Web Design

Spacing is a key element in graphic design. It can keep things separated or together, and acts as an indicator for a start or an end. In graphic design, perhaps the most important thing spacing does is grab attention. --READ MORE

Print Design Vs. Web Design

Designs are all around us. We see them every day. From basic road signs to fanciful apps on our phones. All designs are the same, right? What difference does a computer, tablet or phone screen make? In reality, the difference is more noticeable than you might think. --READ MORE

Flat is the New Black

I’ve always been a fan of minimalism, especially in web design. One of the most important aspects of designing for any media is that the end user can easily understand the message. Minimalism usually lends itself nicely to that idea. I’m not exactly sure why the flat design look has become so popular with people, but I know I’m a fan. --READ MORE

What Makes A Logo Great

There are many factors to consider when designing a logo. Everything from color and shape, to where and how it will be used. Here’s a few good questions to ask yourself when designing a logo. --READ MORE

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