Spacing is a key element in graphic design. It can keep things separated or together, and acts as an indicator for a start or an end. In graphic design, perhaps the most important thing spacing does is grab attention. A big blob of body copy can be dull to read and visually unappealing. The readers or viewers tend to skip over words, even if it is the most important part of the text.

A blob of text is not an effective use of space, nor is it visually appealing. To effectively get your reader/viewer’s attention, consider icons, using more concise language and most importantly utilize your space properly.

Bullet points are useful because sometimes you don’t have much to say, and adding points will allow you to use up dead space. Or perhaps you have too much information and too little space and need to do some condensing. Checkmarks, bullets, numbering or small icons can be a productive way to set apart certain pieces of valuable information, without smashing it together in a dreaded blob of text.

No matter how much content you do (or don’t) have, it’s important to properly utilize your space.