The Process of Designing a Logo

You are exposed to hundreds upon thousands of logos every single day. You can think of a logo like the visual identity of a service or product. Sure, the service or product probably has a name, but if the name were taken away from well-known products, you would still be able to identify them without words. For example, Apple devices don’t need to have their name on any of their products, because their logo is so iconic that just about any given person can recognize it. Another example is Coca-Cola, while their logo does include their name, most people can actually recognize this brand by only seeing part of the name.

Even for a small, local business, having a good logo is an essential part of your identity as a business. It is true that you could have your friend who can draw, “draw” you a logo, but just think about that for a few moments and you may come to realize that traditional media does not translate all that well to a digitally usable vector logo. In addition, the process of creating a logo is something that some people just don’t understand. I’ll break the process down here in list form:

1. Know your subject
(This step basically means research. Who is this logo for? What kind of company or business? What are some relevant themes you can play with when coming up with logo concepts? What are their competitors doing? Etc.)

2. Begin Concept Art
(Self-explanatory. After you’ve done some research, start brainstorming on paper of some ideas for the logo. Think of this as a rough draft for an essay.)

3. Begin to Digitalize, without color
(Now that you have a handful of concepts you feel good about, it’s time to put them in vector form. This is important, you don’t want a low-resolution logo, because you won’t be able to put it on large signs or billboards. Create your vector logo concepts and keep them black and white. The reason for this is simple. If your logo looks good in black and white, it will also look good in color. In theory, anyway.)

4. Finalize, Narrow Down, and Add Color
(This step is practically the end, and is also self-explanatory. Now you will want to narrow down you logo ideas to about three, give or take. Do any final adjustments and then add the companies colors to the logo.)

Here are a few samples of our logo design... feel free to look at more on the portfolio page.

Logo Design in Knoxville TN

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