Graphic DesignFirst off, what is "Communication Graphics?" It might sound a little strange at first, because most of us think of "communication" as a verbal way of expressing words or thoughts, and graphics is more of an artsy non-verbal thing of its own.  But in reality these two concepts work together in a way that can, if used correctly, express universal thoughts or ideas (take icons, for example. A pictogram of a toilet would be understood in any country, regardless of what the language may be).

But I digress. Communication graphics, in layman terms, is graphic design. It is the expression of thoughts and ideas by using colors, pictures, symbols, typography, the list goes on and on. So, if you’re in the field of graphic design/communication graphics, what is the most important aspect? The vibrant, trendy colors you use? The cool stock photos you found? Maybe the most important aspect to you is what the client thinks about your work.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong (Well, the client’s opinion is important, but my next point is even more important than that). The most important aspect of design is whether or not it communicates. Aka, did you get the point across to potential clients or customers? If you design a business card and everyone thinks it looks great, but they have no idea what the "business" of the business card is... You have failed.

With style, maybe, sure. But still. Unless your business or client sells abstract artwork (which maybe they do, I’m not judging), your design needs to reflect the nature of your client’s business. It doesn’t matter how trendy and eye-catching the design is if it doesn’t make sense to people viewing it. Let’s face it, humans have a short attention span. We don’t want to have to search and search for the meaning of a flier/business card/ whatever. People want to look at something, get the point, and then move on. This is why communication graphics can be so difficult. Not only do you need to create a visually appealing design, but it also has to communicate to the viewer, with or without words, what the particular message is in a timely manner. So next time you design, or hire a designer, make sure that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, put the communication back into communication graphics.