Website Design

I’ve designed nearly 200 websites. I’m versed in HTML, CSS and MS SQL as well as WordPress.

Print Design

I’ve worked on a variety of print projects ranging from brochures to 300+ page government proposals.

Logo Design

I have 16 years experience as a graphic designer and have created numerous logos for businesses.


No company can guarantee ranking, but I’ve had good success helping clients reach their goals.


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Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see what’s going on around here. Let’s go ahead and get something clear up front. David Walker Designs, the company as it were, is me, David. So, having said that, I’m not going to try to make you think through the clever use of pronouns like “we”, “us”, and “our,” that this is some big website design company with a team of employees. I can assure you that I’m not sitting in a big chair smoking cigars while ordering my employees to do all the work. (Hmmm, can I still talk about cigars or has that been deemed socially unacceptable?) You’re probably here because you found me through a search engine, a link at the bottom of a website, or referred by an existing client. No matter how you found David Walker Designs, I’m assuming you have an interest in a custom website, web hosting, search engine optimization, logo design, or some other type of print design for your business. That being the case, you ended up at the right place.

I would love the opportunity to help make your business more successful.

Get A Free Website QuoteI’ve been designing for Knoxville businesses and individuals throughout the East Tennessee area since 1997. I’ve worked on a wide variety of web design projects ranging from landscape design to commercial manufacturers and everything in between. I mainly focus on custom websites for small to medium size businesses and search engine optimization for a variety of clients. I also have an extensive background in print design, ranging from identity packages to large scale government proposals.

Why would someone want “David Walker Designs” to work for them, when they could have an advertising agency do their work? The main reason is simply money. I could come up with plenty of other reasons that sound much more professional, but when it’s all said and done, it’s all about money. My rates are lower than those of most design companies and I can produce the same level of quality work. Whether you need a responsive website optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile phones, an e-commerce website with specialized database capabilities or just a basic website, you came to the right place.